• Young Millennials Are Changing The Game Of Life

    Young Millennials are Millennials born after 1990, who entered college after the beginning of the 2008 financial crisis | Studies have shown that there are significant differences between Young Millennials and older Millennials | Many Young Millennials are disgusted by...
  • Is 'Branded MDMA' the Future of Advertising?

    Large corporations including Snapchat, Starbucks Coffee, and SoulCycle are reportedly making secret deals with MDMA manufacturers | Brand logos are pressed into high-quality ecstacy tablets | According to advertising executives, the practice is a cost-effective way to create positive brand...
  • LinkedIn Launches Premium 'Apply All' Feature

    Emerging from $13 million dollar settlement for spamming users, LinkedIn introduces new bulk application feature | Could provide extremely useful for underemployed millennials | Human Resource professionals give new feature mixed review |
  • The Movie 'Drive' (2011) Radically Changed My Life

    I watched the movie 'Drive' and decided to act like Driver | I gradually changed my habits and mannerisms to match movie character | My new personsa helped me find romantic happiness and success |
  • American Apparel Offered Bailout from City of Los Angeles

    Controversial Los Angeles-based clothing company American Apparel filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Monday | Los Angeles puts forward offer to bailout embattled company | Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti says city "cannot afford to lose the manufacturing jobs"...
  • Young Woman Attempts Suicide, Leaves Note Written Entirely in Emoji

    High-performing finance worker crumbled under stress and depression | The woman attempted suicide by phenobarbital overdose | Victim was found with a note written entirely in the Emoji font |
  • Why 'Weird Facebook' is the Next Great Internet Subculture

    Weird Facebook is a subculture of meme pages, secret groups, friend networks, and personalities | Weird Facebook is a result of the failure of alternative Millenial institutions | The scalability of Facebook allows for the creation of unprecedented "virtual realities"...
  • Obama Invites Pizza Rat to White House

    President Obama invites famous rat to bring prized slice of pizza to Washington | Pizza Rat has not been seen since his sudden rise to fame, current whereabouts unknown | Republican frontrunner Donald Trump criticizes POTUS’ move, calls Pizza Rat...
  • Equinox Fitness Reportedly Offering Discounts to Attractive People and Foreigners

    Equinox reportedly offers discounted rates to attractive users of low-rent gyms | $175 a month memberships fees attract the rich, but not often the beautiful | Opinions about practice divided among clients paying full price |
  • Dalai Lama Photographed by Terry Richardson in New York

    The Dalai Lama participates in photoshoot with notorious photographer Terry Richardson | His holiness made controversial comments made earlier today, saying that a female Dalai Lama would have to have an “attractive face” | Embattled monk offers clarification in typical...
  • Florida Man Attempts to Burn Down an Applebee's After Refund Denial

    Florida man becomes enraged that local Applebee’s won’t give him a refund for meal | Threatens to burn the restaurant down as revenge | Furious customer said to have been seen spraying lighter fluid on side of brick building holding...
  • Billy Corgan Visits Banksy’s ‘Dismaland’, Has Bad Time

    ‘Smashing Pumpkins’ singer Billy Corgan visits latest exhibit by former street artist Banksy | Corgan still has a “bad time,” according to sources | “Banksy stopped being relevant ages ago,” remarks Corgan upon exiting |
  • Correction: Dr. Bronner's Did NOT Recall 1.42 Million Units of Pure-Castile Soap

    Our article regarding Dr. Bronner's soap contained claims that are inaccurate and false | The tocopherol Dr. Bronner's product is derived from natural, non-genetically modified sunflower oil from Spain | All One God Faith, Inc. d/b/a Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps...
  • Jared Leto Preparing for ‘Role of a Lifetime’ .. As Jared from SUBWAY?

    Academy award-winning actor to play disgraced sandwich spokesman in upcoming biopic | Leto packing on pounds for the part, reportedly following a strict diet of cold cut combos and meatball subs | “This is by far my most challenging performance...
  • Help Meow-t! White Cat Mysteriously Discovered in 7-Eleven Amazon Locker

    White cat found trapped inside Sunnyside, Queens, New York Amazon Locker, Narva, in 7-Eleven convenience store | Cat currently seeking permanent rehoming, but is safe in a foster facility |
  • Being a Dog Keeps Getting Better! Pup Wins Lottery… You’ll Never Guess How

    Adult son discovers his deceased mother’s winning lottery ticket | Multi-million winnings can’t be redeemed–entire inheritance goes to her Pomeranian! | Bitter court battle expected to follow between man and dog |
  • Gatorade Discovered on Mars? Recent Findings Have Scientists Scratching Their Heads

    Scientists have discovered evidence that electrolyte-laden liquid existed on the red planet | Significant bodies of liquid may have been equivalent to the popular sports drink | Evidence of life on Mars now stronger than ever |

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