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Jared Leto Preparing for ‘Role of a Lifetime’ .. As Jared from SUBWAY?

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  • Academy award-winning actor to play disgraced sandwich spokesman in upcoming biopic
  • Leto packing on pounds for the part, reportedly following a strict diet of cold cut combos and meatball subs
  • “This is by far my most challenging performance yet,” says Leto

By Rosemary P. Wilcox

Actor Jared Leto is about to take on his biggest role yet! The Oscar winner has reportedly signed on to play troubled Subway spokesman Jared Fogle in a biopic that will be released around the end of next year—just in time for awards season.

Pictured: Jared Fogle with his famous pants, and Jared Leto as "The Joker" from Marvel's "Batman".

Jared Fogle, notorious submarine sandwich enthusiast and co-star of the 2011 Adam Sandler film Jack and Jill, was recently arrested on child pornography charges at his home in Indiana.

“Sure, we share a first name. Anyone can see that,” Leto told paparazzi who happened to catch him exiting an oxygen bar in downtown Los Angeles yesterday evening. “I’m invested in examining who Jared Fogle really is. Really getting deep down inside his psyche and bringing his true self to life—angels, demons and all.”

Fogle plead guilty to possession of child pornography in August.

When asked about the circumstances surrounding Fogle’s downfall, Leto admitted the situation is complex. “It’s certainly challenging,” Leto acknowledged. “Here you have a guy who has everything and he just throws it all away. What would compel a man to do such a thing?”

Leto urged viewers to withhold judgment before they saw his performance. “It’s a cliche, but life really is a highway. And if I didn’t have every intention of riding it all night long, I wouldn’t be in this game. I’d go back to my hometown in Indiana and start my own Subway franchise. I’ve got the money, I’ve got the awards. I don’t need to do it for the fame. I’m in it for the glory. Artists are the chosen few of us who push the boundaries of our collective consciousness by taking bold risks and seemingly impossible challenges.”

Fogle discusses a promotional deal with a customer.

“No one else was going to take this role,” Leto added from the driver’s seat before ending the impromptu press conference.

“I’m going to make it shine.”

Fogle addresses restaurant goers alongside two unidentified colleagues in this mysterious photo.

Fogle stays in shape during the peak of his success with Olympic champion Michael Phelps.

Fogle exercises at a Subway franchise with storm troopers and children.